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Everything you need to know about Audi VIN

What is an Audi VIN?

The Audi VIN is a unique code of 17 letters and numbers you can use to learn about any Audi vehicle in the world. No two Audi VINs are the same, which means you can use the code to look up a lot of useful information on an Audi vehicle you own or are hoping to buy. Purchasing used cars and motorcycles is always a risk, but the Audi VIN reveals all the secrets - specifications, ownership history, accident history, and much more.


What does the Audi VIN contain?

The 17-character Audi VIN can be divided into several distinct parts:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). Tells you who the manufacturer is, where the vehicle was made, and what the type of the vehicle is.
  • Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). Gives you the specs, such as engine type and size, transmission type, and more.
  • Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS). A serial number that uniquely identifies every Audi vehicle.

Where to find it?

Normally, you will find your Audi VIN printed on the car:

  • Driver’s side of the dashboard. You will likely locate your VIN on a plate behind the windshield - the easiest way to see it is stepping outside the vehicle
  • Driver’s side door jamb. It will appear near the area where the door connects to the body of the vehicle
  • Engine block. If you haven’t found your Audi VIN in either of the above locations, you may find it beneath the hood

Finally, try looking at your insurance and registration documents.