Best 10 used cargo vans

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Cargo vans have lots of benefits, everyone will agree it’s one of the best ways to carry goods around the town, especially if you are the person who needs to carry heavy tools or a smaller business owner who needs more space for product transportation. If you have just started your own business, a used cargo van will be a great investment to kick off with as minimal expenses on transport as possible. 

There are top 10 cargo vans:

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 

Mercedes Benz Sprinter is valuable for reliable German engineering and classy design. It’s sturdy base guarantees stability on any occasion, whenever you are going off-road or driving narrow city streets. It keeps heavy load safe, for its high roof  Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a great fit for high goods like windows constructions, decorations or furniture. So if you need space and height this Mercedes might be an option for you!

Ford Transit

Often called the best cargo van Ford Transit will definitely catch your attention. It is created for smooth handling with great sound isolation in the driver’s cabin. Like most of the other cargo vans it comes in many different variations but keeps comfortability and functionality in every option. If you ever have some issues with Ford Transit – don’t worry! It’s widely available spare parts are cheaper than other cargo vans, so fixing costs are really small compared with closest competitor vans. 

Ram ProMaster 

Ram ProMaster is a strong competitor to market leaders Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. It has really easy access to the cargo area and comes in a few different options built starting from standard 1500 base to 3500, with different load capacities, roof height, and extended bodies. This cargo van comes with a powerful V6 engine that guarantees smooth driving and carrying goods. Also, it comes with a front-wheel-drive feature which is not so very common for cargo vans but is not less reliable in difficult conditions.

Ford E-Series 

Used E-Series Ford cargo vans might look poorly equipped and outdated, but you can find many different variations that fit your needs starting from door opening type and ending with the base length for a good price. Ford E-series full-size cargo van can haul huge loads without any issue. It is a reasonable option not only for personal use but also for business purposes since it provides lots of storage for equipment and goods.   

Nissan NV

Nissan NV is one of the largest cargo vans on the market. It comes in two different engine options, V6 with 6900lbs or V8 with 9400lbs loading capacity. Vertical sidewalls, sliding side door and wide rear door opening let’s access and load goods more comfortably. Also, newer models of Nissan NV have special magnets to hold rear doors open, in this way you don’t need to worry about accidentally shutting doors keeping you inside of the van. Nissan NV cargo knotch center console makes space for longer items, like pipes or construction details which could not be fooled or bent. It’s a great cargo to make business with! 

Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline cargo vans are known as a longtime top option for cargo buyers. It’s a four-wheel driven powerful cargo but still keeps fuel-efficient. Through the years Ford has improved its chassis and suspension system making it even more reliable. Different specifications on E-series Ford lets every user find his own Ford Econoline cargo based on everyone’s needs. Overall Ford Econoline is a low cost and minimal maintenance vehicle designed to be a heavy-duty van that won’t let you down in most serious situations. 

Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express cargo van is a smaller cargo van, but spacious enough for many purposes. It’s especially a perfect option for small businesses, designed for functionality.  Rear doors open wide, almost to 180 degrees. Also, you will have similar opening doors on the side of the cargo, it’s opening is not so wide – just 90 degrees, but still wide enough to take the load from the side too. Since the Chevy Express has no high roof so you could stand in it, soft cabin floors keep your knees from the hard surface and goods from any scratches. 

Fiat Doblo Cargo 

Comparing with cargo market competitors Fiat Doblo Cargo is a quote new player in the market, it was started in 2000, however, it’s still in one of the best lists. Besides its size, you can load up to 2000lbs goods. Due to the maximum optimization of size, this cargo van can handle more load than most similar competitors like Citroen Berlingo or Ford Transit Connect. Doblo Cargo is really smooth to drive, the driver’s cabin was designed to be as comfortable as possible. Rock-solid build and smoothness of Fiat Doblo Cargo will let you enjoy the ride! 

Volkswagen Caddy

Smaller than most of the vans, Volkswagen Caddy is perfect for a small business owner who needs a little bit more space than on a bigger SUV. It was started in 2015 so it’s still pretty new and you can find some great deals with recent technologies inside of if. Moreover, there are few Caddy options for a shorter and longer wheelbase to fit your requirements. If you are looking for a car like driving cargo Volkswagen Caddy is the one for you. Also, it has a unique car-like rear door opening for a cargo – it opens completely to the top, so nothing will disturb you while loading the van. 

Vauxhall Combo 

Vauxhall Combo is a complete city van, which in size is similar to the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner. There’s no option for a high roof, but for its size, Combo’s load capacity is still pretty impressive – from 1300lbs, depending on the configuration it might be up to 2200lbs. Vauxhall Combo has a comfortable driver’s cabin, particularly spacious for cargo like this, two seats or three-seat options are available in the market. By bending passenger seats you can also get some extra loading length. Small but compact! 

What to look for outside when buying a used cargo van?

The exterior of the cargo van can tell you some useful information about its maintenance and previous trips. You should take a detailed inspection of the cargo van body: 

  • Surface rust – give more attention to doors frames and under the wheel arches where rust is most visible. Don’t worry about small rusts, but if you see holes in rust or hear cracking sounds when gently pressing it, it’s a red flag for some more serious issues.
  • Tires & suspension – take a look if vans tires are the right size, if it’s too small, it may cause some issues with suspension or wheel alignment. Suspension system condition is also really important for comfortable driving and safety. Make sure there are no leaking fluids or broken components around each cargo shock absorber. 
  • Not matching paint  – if you see spots or entire body details painted in a different shade, it indicates previous repairs. It may have been accidents or damages, it’s usually around the rear and front bumper or doors. 

What to look for inside when buying a used cargo van?

A deeper inspection of the cargo van inside is also necessary. If you have just a piece of basic knowledge about cars in general, you can ask a friend or a specialist who has some skills to take a look at:

  • Van interior status – does it have a clean, neat well-maintained cabin? It indicates how the van was overall maintained. If it has some dirty seats or deeply scratched cargo cabin it might indicate that the van was used in full power, some other parts may be worn out too.
  • Holy trinity – brakes, battery, transmission – make sure everything vital works properly and most important rubber parts are not cracking or extremely hardened where they shouldn’t be. 
  • Conditioning and heating – probably you will want that conditioning and heating is working properly, right? Turn it on and check if you notice any strange smells, it may indicate some blockage in the air conditioning system. 
  • Main parts and seat belts – are all the electronic controls and mechanical parts like door handles working? Yes, you can say that parts like these can be changed, but do you really want to invest in the cargo more after the purchase? 

Check used cargo van history

After inspecting the used cargo van by yourself and technician, don’t forget to check its history records. A car history report is one of the most important things about buying a used cargo van. Getting it from a reliable source would help you to evaluate used cargo van price, previous records like:  

  • mileage;
  • maintenance records;
  • Police database check;
  • accidents and damages records, and even more. 

It’s always recommended to check the vehicle history, no matter how you rely on a seller or the technician, there still can be something hidden or not clearly visible. The car history report does not require much investment and time but can be very helpful in making a final decision.

We hope that with this short review you will be able to narrow your search and choose a van that meets all your expectations! No matter which cargo van you will choose, put your own and your load safety to your top priorities. Definitely make a car history check with a VIN decoder before your purchase! 

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