Best 10 used vans easily convertable to a camper

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Have you been thinking about hitting the road with a comfy van converted to a camper? We know it’s not so easy picking the right one, especially when it’s your first van.  It can be really expensive, depending on size, model, and other technical specs, but why not consider some used vans for sale! Check these top 10 high quality used vans easy convertible to a camper:

There are top 10 vans which are easily convertable to the used camper vans: 

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 

Without classy design, this van has a sturdy base which will be genuine on any occasion, whenever you are going off road or from one city to another. In fact, Mercedes Benz Sprinter is one of the most reliable used vans, which newer releases come with front-wheel drive. It would definitely help you with slippery conditions and climbing hills. With a spacious interior and comfortable chairs long trips would be real pleasure! Also, it’s really quiet, so you can definitely enjoy your favorite music without any strong engine noise. As well, Mercedes guarantees smooth driving, this van is keeping stable on the road.

Volkswagen Transporter

Compact but spacious, Volkswagen Transporter will definitely fit all the needed equipment. This VW Van has a strong and powerful engine that would not disappoint you in most difficult road situations. Volkswagen Transporter is also known for its reliable safety features. It has been awarded a 5 star Driver Protection rating for effective frontal and lateral crash protection, van built and safety assist. Don’t forget, safety is number one priority!

Vauxhall Movano

Movano is perfect option for full-time travelers as a family van. It’s one of the tallest built vans which may fit a full family and their needs. Regardless of its size, Vauxhall Movano has an eco flex stop & start system, which helps to save and improve the van’s efficiency. Sidewind assistant assures you won’t drop speed on a highway because of the crosswinds. Moreover, for such a large van, Movano is really easy to maneuver because of the light steering and tight turning circle. 

Volkswagen Crafter

The biggest Volkswagen van, Crafter is known for a spacious interior and exterior, certainly really spacious as a family van or traveling all year round. You might think it’s hard to drive such a huge van? Don’t worry, because of fast and responsive steering, it’s as dynamic as much smaller vans. One of Volkswagen’s main aims on this vehicle was to reduce stress on drivers, so you might be surprised by its sound deadening. Buying used it’s cheaper than other similar size vans and super easy to convert to live. If you are seeking long-distance comfort, Volkswagen Crafter is a perfect match!

Ford Transit

It comes in many different varieties and is one of the best vans: classic and built to last, medium size – smaller than most of the vans, but it is a real quality van for a smaller budget. Spacious enough not only in the cabin, but also there’s plenty of legroom in the front, a real comfort for long road trips. Last but not least – are you dreaming about seeing sunsets from the back of your van? Bigger Ford Transit options might be the best for you, it’s rear doors opening meets 270 degrees, which means nothing will cover your view or close accidentally just before your eyes.

Renault Trafic

If you are not a full-time traveler, Renault Trafic might be made just for you. Actually this is a van perfect for short weekend trips. Due to its size, it’s not so spacious as many other vans, but it’s compact and will fit your essentials for a couple of days. Renault suspension and precise steering guarantees a comfortable ride, no matter where you are going. It’s definitely good value for money if you are a van living beginner.

Sportsmobile 4×4 classic

Often going off roads? Its four-wheel drive is perfect for rough terrain and other difficult roads. Besides it may look big, it perfectly fits a standard parking spot, so you won’t need to worry about leaving this van somewhere while exploring the city. This Sportsmobile van is not the cheapest, but it’s a great investment in comfort and reliability for traveling.

FIAT Ducato 

Fiat front-wheel drive van guarantees a powerful option for living in a van all year round. Ducato has a comfortable and spacious cabin with large payload capacity. It means you can convert it to a real family van, where will all your equipment easily fit.  Fiat Ducato’s low running cost and the economy is also a huge advantage of living on a road. Comfortability, light steering makes driving easy for long distances. 

Iveco Daily

Iveco Daily comes in many variations, but one thing is common for all – it is built on a truck chassis which makes it ideal for more heavy-duty trips and feels unbreakable. You can find great used Iveco Daily in good shape due to its durability of interior and exterior, not mentioning the mechanics. It’s a really practical van with low fuel consumption which helps to stay on a budget. 

Volkswagen Caddy

Small but spacious enough Volkswagen Caddy van is best known for quality built, powerful engine, also as a van of car-like driving. You might wonder how it can still be spacious if it is so small compared with other vans? A high roof will give you that impression of more space! 

If it will be your first van, this might be one of the best options! It is perfect for short solo or duo weekend trips

What to look for outside when buying a used van?

After you have decided which Van to look for, you need to know what to look for outside when buying a used van:

  • Paint mismatch –  it indicates repairs, accidents, and damages.
  • Rust – it’s usually most noticeable around doors frames and under the wheels arches. Of course, small rusts are easily fixed, but if you hear cracking sounds when gently pressing the rust –  it is a sign of a deeper problem.
  • Tire size and wear, valve stems – sometimes sellers put smaller tires for a van than needed, it may cause some issues with suspension or wheel alignment. Tire wear is also important, it must be even across the front and rear treads, make sure valve stems are not dry rotted and changed together with tires.  
  • Oil leakage – check what is under the lid, leakage is often noticeable around oil pan gasket or at the oil filter. Also, if the van has been standing in one place for a long time, check under it. If there is a leakage, you should see oil stains on the ground. 

What to look for inside when buying a used van?

As the exterior is important when buying a used van, inside of the van is also essential and can show some useful details about the used van: 

  • Inspect the overall state of the van interior. A clean and neat cabin indicates that the van has been maintained well. 
  • Must to check – brakes system, battery, transmission shifts, make sure it works properly and rubber parts are not cracking. Check if there’s no corrosion around the radiator and hoses. 
  • Check the conditioner and the heater – is it working properly? If you notice strange smells when it may indicate some blockage in the air conditioning system. 
  • Check the main parts – seat belts, electronic controls, mechanical parts like door handles from inside and outside. Besides most of the parts are changeable, but look for the option which does not require more investment in detail, it can be hard to find original parts. 

Check used vans history

After a live inspection of a used van, don’t forget to get a vehicle history report. It is one of the most important things to get before buying a used van. No matter what the seller tells you, car history report will give you reliable information about a van you want to purchase: 

  • real mileage;
  • maintenance records;
  • Police database check;
  • accidents or damages records and much more. 

Keep in mind that lower mileage does not always indicate that the van is better than one with higher mileage. Take a look at overall status and history of the van, including maintenance and technical examination records.  It’s always worth checking! 

Hope this article will help you to choose a comfy van! We know it’s not an easy decision, but these best used vans options will definitely narrow your search. Most importantly, whichever can you will choose – keep yourself safe, don’t forget to make a car history check with a VIN decoder before your purchase! 

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