Tips For Buying a Used Audi

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tip for buying used audi a6

Buying a used car is always a risk. The older the car the bigger the risk for something to go wrong. There are several things you can check to increase your chances of success. But if you want to cut the risk you need to find a car with an impeccable service history.

  • Inspect the car’s interior. The general condition shows how well the car was looked for. Condition of pedals, steering wheel, or shift lever shows how heavily the car was used.
  • Examine the car’s exterior for rust. Rust tends to spread. With time, if left unattended, even the small spot can grow to an expensive problem.
  • Check the car’s VIN and get a full history report. You will know the real number of owners. Had it been a company or private car. It will show if the odometer was rollbacked, history of accidents, and other important information. You can get a detailed car history report here.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used Audi

Audi is a luxury car for a good price. It’s a prestige brand and is a close competitor of BMW and Mercedes. Audi produces superbly designed and well-manufactured vehicles. They come with the latest and greatest technological and safety features. Even standard selection is very impressive. Audi uses very high-quality materials and solutions for interior and exterior.

Audi is a prestigious marque. And a great car to drive. Handling Audi always feels sleek and smooth. You must drive an Audi, any Audi. Just to get that feeling.

Even the lowest cost of new Audi’s are relatively expensive (it is a luxury vehicle). But used Audi’s are quite affordable. Four years old Audi A4 would cost you around 14-20 thousand dollars. The price range for the same age gorgeous supercar Audi R8 is at 100-130 thousand dollars.

Audi is a luxury brand and it comes with its drawbacks. Audi’s are expensive to repair. On the bright side, the price for maintenance is reasonable. Like any other car. If you find one with a good history, used Audi can be a great car for you.

Most Common Problems with Used Audi Cars

Audi brand is popular with businesses and many Audi’s start as company or fleet cars. Buying a used Audi be sure to check its history to know how it was cared for. You always risk with a company car because drivers don’t care about them. 

As any marque, Audi has its own common set of mechanical problems. Many of those problems depend on how the car age and how it was cared for. 

  • Oil leaks. Two parts are notoriously susceptible to oil leaks: valve cover gasket and camshaft tensioner. The best solution is to change those parts. 
  • Exhaust leak. Audi’s have a flexible plastic part in their exhaust system. With time plastic becomes vulnerable and leaks can occur. Yet again, the solution is to change the part. 
  • Issues with electrical components. Most common problems occur with digital dashboard displays or consoles. Lights and tail lamps are also prone to fail.  
  • Problems with ignition coil or spark plug. Issues with ignition coil are one of the most common of Audi’s mechanical problems. The problem is more of an annoyance than something serious. It is easily solved by changing the spark plugs with a good quality alternative. 

Most Popular Audi Models

Audi A4

Audi A4 is a compact executive sedan. It is Audi’s best selling vehicle. And one of the best selling cars in a very competitive segment. 

It’s a luxury car and feels like one. Exterior design is very smooth and clean, created with style and practicality in mind. Every detail is manufactured to lessen air resistance. Which is the lowest in its class. The interior is done superbly and with quality materials only. The driving experience is very smooth. Control is great.  

As many Audi’s A4 has potential problems with electronics and oil leaks. 

Audi A6

Midsize luxury sedan. It has a finely designed and manufactured interior with plenty of space for passengers. Very safe. Audi A6 hits the highest crash-test scores and has plenty of innovative safety features. Handling is smooth like all Audi’s but also sporty. Excellent driving dynamics. Plenty of grip taking corners. 

It’s a top choice for many luxury sedan customers. But the new A6 comes with a steep price. If you find a used one with good maintenance history, it could be a real bargain. 

Audi R8

A famous mid-engine supercar. An exotic sports car that you can drive every day of the week. With R8 it’s an easy drive fast or slowly. And the engine sounds beautiful. Exterior design is unique and sets it out from other supercars. 

Audi R8 is manufactured on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. And has common components with Lamborghini in transmission and chassis. It’s a great sports car that rivals the Porsche 911 and is one of the best in its class. 

Check Audi Car History

The most reliable way to check a used car is to decode Audi VIN number and get a car history report. With a report in your hands, you will know what you are buying. It protects from nasty surprises in the future and helps to bargain.

Get a VIN of a car and check its history on websites like carVertical. You’ll get answers to many questions.

  • Does odometer show real mileage? 
  • Had it been used as a company or rental car?
  • Number of owners. 
  • Number of accidents and sustained damage. 

Check it out yourself and avoid any potential problems that come with buying a used car.

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