Buying a Used Chevy

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Most Popular Chevy Models

Finding a used car is easy. Choosing the right one is much harder. The first step towards a good choice is a car inspection.

  • Look for rust or fresh paint that can mask it.
  • Examine inside of the car and look for any damage.
  • Check electronics and infotainment systems.
  • Test-drive the car.

It is a good start, but it will not protect you from buying a car with serious problems. To avoid those, check the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and get a full car history report.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used Chevy

Chevrolet is a division of General Motors Company. The company has more than a hundred years of history and produces a wide range of cars. From subcompact hatchbacks to SUVs and big vans. Chevy cars are reasonably priced, but this US car manufacturer does not have a good reputation for reliability. Owner reports studies show that reliability is less of an issue with newer Chevy models. Used Chevys are cheap and popular cars.

Used Chevy cars are known to be easy to maintain and repair. Most models are comfortable to drive and feel good on the road. Standard Chevrolet models often lack new technologies and fancy features. This is a manufacturer’s decision that helps to keep a price down. Chevrolet vehicles are at the mid-lower price range and do not have advanced tech and features. Some consumers say that Chevy lacks inspiration and character. Of course, Chevrolet Corvette is an exception.

Used Chevy can be a great choice if it is maintained properly. Owners who maintain their Chevy’s by the book, report far less about reliability issues. When oil and filters are changed often and belts are replaced before the expiration date, Chevy seems to be a real workhorse of a car.

Most Common Problems With Used Chevy Cars

Every car manufacturer produces great models and models that are plagued by problems. Chevy is not an exception. Of course, some mechanical weaknesses are common in several cars or even classes.

  • Electronic system. Owners of a 5-6-year-old Chevy’s report about electronic system failures. Also, check engine light is triggered by too many things. It could indicate improperly closed fuel cap or something critical. The owner will never know.
  • Transmission. CVT transmission and 6-speed transmission is a problem of Chevrolet Cruze. They tend to break and need more than usual maintenance. Transmission and especially CTV transmission are a weak point with models like Tahoe, Malibu, and Silverado. Owners report that gears won’t shift after starting the car or gears will not change levels as it should.
  • Diesel engine. Chevrolet Beat with a diesel engine has a history of failing early. Many Beats needed to rehaul engine after 70-90 thousands of miles. Turbo in Beat diesel engine is also a weak part that should be checked before buying a used Chevy Beat.
  • Leaky air conditioner. Hoes connecting compressor and condenser crack or condensers starts to leak. Those problems are prevalent with Chevy SUV’s and trucks.
  • Excessive oil consumption. Some Chevy cars start to use too much oil. It is not an emergency problem, but it must be solved or with time it will progress. Without a timely solution, engine may fail.

Most Popular Chevy Models

Chevrolet Impala

Used Chevy Impala is a classical model that first entered the market in 1957. Nowadays Chevy Impala is a full-sized car for a mainstream market.


  • Quality ride. It drives smooth, easy, and relatively quietly. The suspension is soft and it creates an effortless relaxed driving feeling.  
  • Good space. The interior has enough room and will not feel tight for bigger passengers. Five people can sit inside easily. The trunk is not the biggest in the class but has plenty of space.
  • Good price. Used Chevy Impalas are cheap, and market can offer a big variety of them. 


  • Performance. 3.5L V6 engine has enough power and torque for daily driving but acceleration feels slow when compared to the competition. More powerful engines deliver better.
  • Reliability. Used Chevy Impala will need more attention and regular maintenance.  
  • Features. Most Impala models lack new and fancy features.

Chevrolet Malibu

Used Chevy Malibu is one of the most popular Chevy vehicles. It is a mid-size front-wheel-drive car loved all over the US.


  • Smooth handling. Malibu has good suspension. The car glides down the road and feels comfortable.
  • Styling. It has a bolder look than most other Chevy cars. Exterior design is noticeable and exceptional.
  • Spacey. Plenty of room for passengers and cargo.


  • Features. Like many Chevy models, Impala lacks advanced features.
  • Boring on the road. Impala drives smoothly but lacks a sporty feel. To be fair it has none.  

Check Chevy Car History

Used Chevy could come with many costly problems. Everything depends on how it was maintained and used. The car history report will answer many questions and will help to choose the right car. Reports come with much detailed information.

  • Full maintenance and repair history.
  • Real mileage of the car.
  • The number of owners. Tells when the car was used as a taxi or rental.
  • Shows insurance history, accidents, damage.

Avoid problems and buy full car history report from providers like carVertical or carfax.

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