Tips For Buying A Used Ford

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The main incentive to buy a used car is the price. And you don’t have to worry about depreciation hit and value drop after expiration of the warranty. One problem though, how to get a used vehicle that won’t become a money-sucking black hole? There are many things to consider. But the best guarantee you can get is a clean service history.

  • Examine the paint. Look closely at all parts of the car. Especially at the inside of doors and the trunk. If you find any different colors, it means the part was changed or repainted. And that talks about the accident.
  • Look for rust spots. Small rust won’t affect a vehicle’s performance. But it will spread. And if not stopped it will become a performance hindering problem. Obvious spots can be painted over, check under the car and inside the trunk.
  • Inspect the engine. Look for oil leaks, damage, and rust. If the engine looks super clean it’s a potential red flag. In most cases when salesmen wash the engine, it’s to hide leaks and similar problems.
  • Check the vehicle’s VIN and get its full history report. The report will reveal the real story of the car: owners, accidents, real mileage, service history. You can get the car’s history report here.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used Ford

Ford Motor Company is more than an automaker. It set the standard for producing quality automobiles and paved the way for the industry. For many years Ford manufactures best selling models in the US.

Ford manufactures a big variety of models. And most of them look just gorgeous. Fords are known for crisp handling, solid feel on the road, and real driving fun. Hybrid models have an excellent fuel economy. And trucks. Ford trucks are something special. One of the best vehicles in their class. Period. In industries like oil drilling, where you need heavy-duty machinery, Ford trucks are the standard. Because of their reliability.

Compared to competition Ford cars cost average. For example, a legendary 4-year-old F-150 will cost you 17-40 thousand dollars. Depending on mileage. The same age Ford Fiesta will be around 7-12 thousand dollars.  

Every car comes with its own set of problems. Ford cars are not an exception. Many consumers hold an opinion that Ford is less reliable than Lexus or Toyota. You must research specific models to see which have more problems than usual. For example, Ford Pinto does not have the best reputation. While Ford F-150 is widely praised for its reliability and performance. Our experience shows that well maintained Ford won’t differ from any other marque.

Most Common Problems with Used Ford Cars

Ford manufactures a big variety of vehicles. And problems vary from model to model. But there are some tendencies when we talk about general technical problems.

  • Rust is a notorious problem for Ford. It started with the rise of competition. The company decided to change the metal used in its F-150. Aluminum made the cars lighter but also introduced a rust problem. Other Ford models, that use aluminum, also have rust issues.
  • Infotainment system. It’s an annoying problem in newer models. Consumers report several glitches. From problems with Bluetooth to faulty voice recognition systems. But Ford is not a big exception. Fancier tech always comes with its downside. It’s a universal problem for all car manufacturers. 
  • Lighting system. Wiring and electrical issues are quite common in Ford cars. It affects both front and back lights and turning signals. Ford Crown Victoria and Ford Mercury Grand Marquise are known to have lighting module problems. 
  • Transmission problems. Faulty Ford’s transmission made the headlines many times. And it plagued many models, from Fiesta and Focus to 2018 F-150, and some Ford Expedition models. Before buying you should check if a certain model is not on the blacklist.

Most Popular Ford Models

Ford F-150

Extremely capable full-size truck. Legendary Ford model, the best selling car in the US for more than 40 years. In a very competitive class, F-150 comes with the largest selection of variations. You can get a plain stripped-down work truck, upgrade it to a serious off-roader, or stuff it with fancy innovative features.

On the other hand, F-150 comes with a bit of a frustrating electronics interface. Also, fuel efficiency is very low.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus is an extremely popular compact car with a sporty character. It has joyful, nimble handling and a refined, quiet ride. It comes in sedan and hatchback versions. Newer models have a big variety of innovative tech features. The exterior and interior are well-made and attractive.

It’s not the quickest car in its class. And gets only slightly above average safety score. The same goes for reliability.

Ford Fiesta

A well known and loved subcompact car. It has an affordable price but feels like a more expensive ride. Most Fiestas are fun on the road, feel nimble but stable safe. This Ford model always had an upscale interior to the date and plenty of various features.

Consumer reports show that some Fiestas have problems with automatic transmission. And rust is an old and known problem.

Check Ford Car History

Get a car history report. It’s the only way to get real info on the car. The report will answer many questions and will help with price negotiations. Get a VIN of a car, decode Ford VIN or go to a website like carVertical and check its full history.

  • Does odometer show real mileage? 
  • Had it been used as a company or rental car?
  • A number of owners. 
  • A number of accidents and sustained damage. 

Find it out yourself. Avoid problems and headaches that come with choosing a used car. 

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