Buying a Used GMC

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perfect used GMC pickup

Buying a used car is a procedure. You should test-drive and examine it before spending signing a deal.

  • Look inside the car for wear and tear and any damaged parts.
  • Examine doors, trunk, and outside for rust.
  • Test-drive and get a feel of the car.

Every used car has a different history. Some histories come with a very expensive set of problems for a new owner. But it is possible to prevent such misfortune by acquiring a car history report. With a VIN (vehicle identification number) you can buy a full detailed report about the car and avoid costly problems.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used GMC

GMC is a legendary US car manufacturer. It is a well known and loved brand in the states. They manufacture pickup trucks, SUVs, medium-duty commercial trucks, and vans. During the Second World War GMC produced hundreds of thousands of trucks for the US army. Nowadays GMC belongs to GM (General Motors) and shares lots of models with Chevrolet. Many pickup truck models differ only visually and have different features but mechanically are similar.

GMC cars are usually more high-end and luxurious compared to Chevy and other competition. GMC combines sturdiness and functionality with comfort and a pleasant ride. So, prices are bigger compared to the competition in the pickup class. Usually, GMC vehicles come with lots of advanced tech and features, have an upscale and comfortable interior.

Used GMC vehicles (and new) are available with multiple engine options. From light-duty ordinary to monstrously strong. Also, there are plenty of additional features available. Every customer can have a GMC tailored to their needs.

Most market studies show that GMC cars are not found very reliable. They are not last in this aspect but in most studies are outrun by Japanese competition. Nevertheless, GMC is a popular and well-received brand in the US and abroad.

Most Common Problems With Used GMC Cars

Used GMC vehicles are quite expensive to repair. Usual maintenance also cost more compared to the competition in the same class. Newer GMC models are a bit complicated to repair. It just takes more time to reach certain parts.  

  • Air Conditioner problems. There are multiple reports about GMC’s A/C unit failure. They tend to leak or break down.
  • Malfunctions in transmission. GMC has a history of transmission problems. Even new vehicles (3-4 years) have malfunctions: slipping transmission or some gears stop working. Some GMC pickup models come with transmissions that work quite noisily. You can hear some bangs and clangs when gear changes.
  • Glitchy sensors. All kinds of sensors tend to fail. From tire sensors to parking assist sensors. They are not expensive to change but it becomes taxing if you get a vehicle plagued by such a problem.  
  • Sensitive brakes. Many owners report all kinds of problems with the braking system. Some needed only a small fix, others had to pay for big repairs.  
  • Front lights. There are reports that some Sierra models have a problem that bulbs of front lights tend to go out often.
  • MPG (miles per gallon). MPG is not always as good as advertised. Especially with petrol engines. Diesel ones are quite effective.

Most Popular GMC Models

GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra is a full-size pickup truck. Used GMC Sierra and new has many engines and feature options so every customer can find pickup tailored to their needs. Sierra can be a light-duty and heavy-duty truck. It is one of the main GMC trucks.


  • Comfortable. Sierra is for those who need a truck but do not want to sacrifice comfort.
  • Big truck bed. Truck bed volume is one of the best in its class.
  • Customizable. There are all kinds of packages available. Even off-road one.


  • Price. Used GMC Sierra is pricier than mechanically similar Chevrolet Silverado. Of course, Sierra has more features and more comfort.
  • Fuel efficiency. Petrol engines do not have the best MPG. Diesel is better.

GMC Canyon

Compact pickup truck (2003-2012) and a mid-size pickup truck (2012-present).


  • Affordable. Used GMC Canyon can be found at an incredibly good price.
  • Fair MPG. Canyon is efficient with gas and delivers enough power.
  • Nice drive. Canyon is agile and offers precise handling compared to other pickup trucks.
  • Comfortable. It can easily be a substitute for a car. The cabin is comfortable and quiet.


  • No advanced safety features. Compared to the same class competition.
  • High price. When you start to add features and advanced modules, the price grows very fast.
  • Base engine. Good for every day but lacks power for towing.

Check GMC Car History

Buying a used GMC truck is not a straightforward process. You can get a good and comfortable vehicle or a worn-out one with lots of expensive repairs just around the corner. A car history report can help you to recognize which is which. It comes with plenty of information.

  • All owners of the car. 
  • Real mileage of the pickup. 
  • Report about accidents, damage.
  • Information about previous insurance problems. 

You can buy a detailed car history report from providers like carVertical or carfax.

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