Buying a Used Honda

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How to Choose Used Honda: Tips and Tricks

It’s a bit of a gamble when buying a used car. And it’s always a good idea to stack odds in your favor. The first step towards good purchase is an examination of the car:

  • Examine the interior, look damage, and wear and tear.
  • Inspect exterior thoroughly for damage, rust, different paint job.
  • Test drive and feel the car. Listen for strange and unusual sounds.

If you are serious about a certain car you need more information to make an educated decision. The history report of the used car is always a winning card. Check VIN of the car and get all available information before spending money.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used Honda

Used Honda is a popular choice on the market. Honda’s are all about function and most models lack excitement like more luxurious cars. This Japanese manufacturer has a history of building affordable and long-lasting vehicles, not fancy ones.

  • Cheap. One of the main reasons why Honda cars are so popular is that they are cheap. They are made for the mass market and not built to be unique. Honda is an affordable day to day car that will last and will perform its function reliably. Some drivers can feel a lack of excitement when they drive Honda.
  • Great engines. Engine quality and performance of Honda prices are one of the best in the market.
  • Practical cars. Even small Honda’s like Civic or Accord makes very good use of inside space and has relatively large trunks. Honda’s crossovers share the same qualities.  
  • Cheap maintenance. Repairs are at very reasonable prices and maintenance intervals are quite long. Even bigger repairs and parts are at reasonable prices.
  • Bland design. Especially older models and SUVs. Some newer models, like Accord and Civic, now come with flashy exterior design. Some would say – over-styled.
  • Smaller engines lack power. Usually, Hondas are manufactured with smaller engines and lack low-end torque compared to fancier brands.
  • Used Honda is a bit pricey. They have one of the highest resale value in the market.

Most Common Problems With Used Honda Cars

  • Electric window motors tend to fail. Owners report that electric window motors fail quite often. Rubber in windows run channels become crumbly and it makes motors to work excessively. Spraying window channels with silicon can postpone this problem or help to avoid it at all.
  • Automatic transmission. Some models have an automatic transmission that fails early (around 100 thousand miles). V6 and Acura are known to have this problem while Honda’s with four-cylinder engines run smoothly. Manual gearboxes don’t have such problems.
  • Infotainment system issues. There are plenty of reports on how infotainment system crashes or freezes in newer and older Honda’s. When buying an older Honda, always check an infotainment system. Some of them had no support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, some had a really weird layout with double screens. Newer models are better in this sense.
  • Boring. While the exterior design is a question of personal taste, cheap plastic inside still looks and feels cheap. Driving Honda feels OK, but rarely anything more. If you want some character and have fun on the road, most Honda models are not for you.

Most Popular Honda Models


Honda Civic is a legendary compact car. Used Honda Civic is still one of the most popular models in the used car market.


  • Good price. Used Honda Civic is at an affordable price and mostly is a good value for the money spent.  
  • Fun to drive. While most Honda Civics are not powerful they still are fun to drive and feel agile on the road.
  • Reliable and low maintenance cost. Like most of Honda’s, this model shares the same strengths.
  • Good MPG. Honda Civic has one of the better miles per gallon ratio.  


  • Could be modified. It’s easy to repair and change Honda Civic. So there is a bigger than usual chance that some custom changes were made.
  • Lack of features. It has basic but nothing more.
  • Backseat not comfortable. Most of the newer models have backseat problems.


Used Honda HRV is a good option when looking for a cheaper SUV. It’s a reliable and comfortable subcompact SUV.


  • Fuel economy. For its size and power, HRV has a really good MPG (miles per gallon ratio).
  • Space. There is plenty of space in the cabin and the trunk is big as well.
  • Ride comfort. Used Honda HRV is not the fanciest choice but a comfortable and reliable one. It feels safe and nice on the road.  


  • Lack of acceleration. That good MPG comes with a price – less power in acceleration.
  • Noisy engine. You can wish for less sounds from the engine. Especially diesel one.

Check Honda Car History

Making a decision to buy a used car is never an easy one. You should strive to make an educated decision and keep emotions in check. The biggest information source about a used car will always be a car history report. You can buy one at service providers like carVertical or carfax. It comes with a lot of genuine data:

  • Mileage of the vehicle.
  • Info on accidents.
  • The real number of owners.
  • Info on was it a taxi or a rental car.

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