Buying a Used Jeep

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There are several things you should do when buying a used car. Inspection of the vehicle is the first step.

  • Look for wear and tear in the interior.
  • Inspect the exterior and look for rust and damages parts.
  • Test drive the car.

Those are the bare minimum you should do before even considering spending money. When you like a car, you should examine its history. Check vehicles VIN and buy a full history report. They do not cost much but can prevent big expenses in the future.

What You Should Know Before Buying Used Jeep

Jeep started as a light US military vehicle for rugged terrain. They were created and heavily used during the Second World War. After the war, a lot changed. Jeep entered the civilian market and consistently presented new models and versions. Jeep is a cult vehicle that has a deeply passionate fan base. Used Jeeps are popular vehicles with many enthusiasts.

Jeep cars are known to have sturdy drivetrains that help them to go places that other 4-wheel drives cannot. There are plenty of factory upgrade packages and a huge variety of aftermarket features and items. You can customize your Jeep to fit any needs.

Most of the Jeep models are off-road SUV’s and they can be a bit noisy on the road. But most are well driven and relatively comfortable. Fuel economy is a weak point of the Jeep cars.

Reliability is not the strongest side of the Jeep. Especially when we talk about used Jeep cars. Owners report that up until 3 years there are not so many issues and ones that appear are fixed fast and at a reasonable price. Used Jeeps with the age of 3-8 years are a different story. Many older Jeep owners report that various smaller elements begin to break down.

Some Jeep owners play hard with their cars. You have to be extra careful when buying a used Jeep. Check its modifications, how many owners it had, how well it was maintained.

Most Common Problems With Used Jeep Cars

Once used Jeep was perceived as an exceptionally reliable car. Nowadays, the perception has changed, and Jeep cars are ranked as having mediocre reliability. Close to luxurious European cars: BMW and Mercedes.

  • Infotainment system. In some Jeeps infotainment system appears to be glitchy and slow. Dashboard displays stop working or need to be restarted from time to time.
  • Electronics in general. Some Wrangler and Gladiator models have an electronic system where almost everything runs through computer modules. All modules must communicate with each other. If one module is glitchy or cranky, all system is affected. It causes various problems from smaller ones like tire pressure sensors to cases when Jeeps just will not start.
  • Windscreen wipers. Electric motors of the wipers tend to fail or they are affected by glitchy electronics. Sometimes restart solves the problem.
  • Automatic transmissions. Older used Jeeps (up until 2011) have Chrysler automatic transmission and some of them were based on the minivan transmission. They are known to be sensitive to heat and have marginal torque capacity. Newer models have better transmission, but when Jeep is used heavily it still tends to overheat. The problem can be solved by installing an external transmission oil cooler.

Most Popular Jeep Models

Jeep Wrangler

Used Jeep Wrangler has a classical design that looks just great. It’s a compact or mid-size SUV well suited for off-road and for the city.


  • Good in winter. Works beautifully in the snow.
  • Makes tight turns easily. Good not only for off-road but also in the city with narrow streets.
  • Good MPG. Fuel economy is quite good compared to the competition in the same class. Of course, MPG is very low and incomparable with ordinary city cars.
  • Huge cargo space. When backseats are folded down.


  • Little space in the back. Back seats are not very comfortable it’s hard getting in and out. Also, it is tight in the back.
  • Reliability could be better. Used Jeep Wrangler needs more maintenance than Japanese competitors. It’s noisy in the cabin and comfort level is average at best.

Jeep Patriot

Used Jeep Patriot is a crossover SUV. It has serious looking design well fitted for off-road and for the city.


  • Affordable price. Compared to competition in the same class.
  • Great cruise control. Comfortable to use and works perfectly.
  • Real off-roader. Works wonderful off-road and on snow.


  • Little space inside. Feels crammed. Cargo space also not great.
  • Noisy on road. Especially when driving on the highway.

Check Jeep Car History

Used Jeep is always a bit of a gamble. Some Jeep owners like to play hard with their Jeeps. Before buying used Jeep, you should make sure that it was maintained properly and has a good usage history. Get a detailed car history report, it will reveal many things.

  • Maintenance history.
  • The number of owners. 
  • Real mileage. 
  • Damage and accidents. 
  • Insurance history. 

You can buy a full report from providers like carVertical or carfax.

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