Tips For Buying A Used Mercedes

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Brand new Mercedes has a serious price tag. As for any luxury car, Mercedes price takes a big depreciation hit in the first five years. After that, it’s the same as with any car. That’s why buying used Mercedes is a smart decision. You save money and don’t have to worry about depreciation.

Of course, a used car comes with a risk involved. There are several things that you should check to avoid expensive problems.  

  • Inspect car windows. Every car window should have a manufacturer’s stamp with a date. If you find that both side windows are changed, it’s a potential problem. A big chance that the car was hit on that side. 
  • Check the car frame. Rust or big damage on the frame is a red flag. Rust will spread and it’s an expensive problem to solve. While the damaged frame could indicate an accident. Keep in mind that after a repair car’s frame is not the same. It’s more prone to failure and symmetry of the vehicle is damaged. 
  • Get a full history report of the car. When buying a used car, it’s the only real guarantee you can expect. Get the vehicle’s VIN and obtain a full history report from sites like carVertical. A number of owners (private or companies), real mileage, any damage. You’ll get many answers that will help to decide and to bargain.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Used Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz manufactures luxury, stylish, high-quality cars. Mercedes is all about comfort, class, and lots of high-quality features. Even old Mercedes will get you prestige points. 

The ride quality of a Mercedes is unparalleled. Even a thirty-year-old Mercedes will impress you with a smooth, safe, and luxurious ride. Designing interior MB uses the best materials. The level of comfort is seriously surprising. 

Mercedes-Benz is famous for producing fantastic engines. With proper and timely maintenance those cars can hold for decades and many hundreds of thousands of miles. In most cases, problems come when more technical bits go wrong. Fancy electronics tend to break. And are complicated or expensive to repair. More fancy features – more possibilities for something to go wrong. But it’s the same story with all luxury vehicles. 

The maintenance cost for a Mercedes will be bigger than that of a non-luxury marque. Especially at a dealership. Better to find a repair shop that specializes in Mercedes and work with them. In such a case you can even save on parts and take used ones. 

You can get a used Mercedes for a reasonable price. Five-year-old Mercedes C-Class will cost you around 15-25 thousand dollars. While the same age Mercedes G-Wagon will be at 70-90 thousand dollars. 

Most Common Problems with Used Mercedes Cars

Every car has its set of problems. In this case, Mercedes is not an exception. 

  • Engine and Transmission mounts. Those parts are responsible for preventing engine vibration from transmitting into the cabin. Older mounts were made from rubber and with time rubber wears off and becomes harder. Newer ones are oil-filled and with mileage, they start to fail and loose oil. Excessive vibrations in the cabin, on the seat, or on the steering wheel is a good indication of failing mount. 
  • Window regulators. They lose features, like auto full-open or auto full-close or stop working at all. This is a common problem for other luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Lexus. It’s an annoying problem that takes a lot of patience and time to repair. 
  • Rust loves Mercedes. It’s a notorious problem for MB cars. There are plenty of old Mercedes that traveled millions of miles and still run well but are rusted out. It’s a common issue for both older and newer Mercedes models. If you let the rust spread, it becomes a very expensive problem. Check the car before buying. And if you find any rust – bargain hard. 
  • Fancy electronics. There are always some problems with innovative features. It’s just the rule that fancy tech doesn’t last long. But it’s a common issue for all luxury cars. 

Most Popular Mercedes Models

Mercedes G Wagon

Mercedes G-Class is a large four-wheel drive luxury SUV. It’s a classic vehicle with a recognizable blocky exterior design. It was created as a military vehicle and has a strong and devoted fanbase.

G Wagon has strong acceleration and impressive off-road qualities. And of course, an imposing presence. Every Mercedes G-Glass is a statement.

On the other hand, it’s an expensive car with a very thirsty engine. Less luxury then in competitors and handling is a bit unwieldy.  

Mercedes Sprinter

It’s a light commercial vehicle. And one of the best in its class. You won’t find any luxury features like in other Mercedes vehicles. While a bit pricier than its competitors, Sprinter is a real workhorse. Engineered with real attention to details.

A very spacious vehicle with the above-average build quality. Sprinter has a big variety of body styles, available even with four-wheel drive. The only drawback is a bit bigger price than competitors.

Mercedes C-Class

C-Class goes like a sports luxury sedan or coupe. Superb style, deluxe interior with rich materials, great overall looks. High-tech driver assistance and safety features. One of the top in its class.

C-Class is very responsive and agile on the road. Pricier than most of the competition.

Check Mercedes Car History

You want to be sure when paying for Mercedes. When buying an expensive used car, you want it to have a clean history. With a VIN of the vehicle, you can decode get its history report.

  • Real mileage 
  • Number of owners
  • Damage and damage
  • Had it a company car

Check it out yourself and avoid any nasty surprises that come with buying a used car.

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