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Everything you need to know about the Chevy VIN

What is a Chevy VIN?

The Chevy VIN is a unique identifier for any Chevrolet vehicle in the world. Simply put, this 17-digit alphanumeric code is the calling card of each Chevy car, motorcycle, or trike. If you’re considering to purchase a used vehicle, you can win a lot by checking the VIN. It will let you confirm the specifications are as advertised, and that the Chevy vehicle hasn’t been in an accident or subject to odometer fraud.


What does the Chevy VIN contain?

While the details vary from one vehicle to another, the Chevy VIN presents useful information in three distinct parts

  • 1-3 characters (WMI). The WMI tells you the vehicle’s country of origin, manufacturer, and vehicle type.
  • 4-9 characters (VDS). The VDS presents important characteristics and specifications, such as the transmission type, engine type and size, etc.
  • Vehicle Identification Section (10-17 digits). The VIS is the unique serial number of every Chevrolet vehicle

Where to find it?

To locate your Chevy VIN, you can try several places on and off the vehicle:

  • Look for a metal plate on the driver’s side of the dashboard (viewable from outside the vehicle)
  • Open the driver’s door and look for the VIN on the door pillar
  • Check the engine block and elsewhere under the hood
  • Usually, your Chevy VIN is also displayed on the car title or insurance certificate